Vet-Wrap Conforming Bandage

10 times cheaper than brand-name conforming bandages

For wrapping up wounds, both large and small, you want a wrap that is secure yet not so tight it will decrease needed blood circulation. Ace bandages are considered too constricting and likely to wind up tight; in their stead, pros use conforming bandages, with brands names like Kling. The key here is “wider is better.” Get the widest width you can and wrap liberally. The bandage will cling to itself (you still have to tape its end) but will not shift around much in normal use. The same stuff as Kling, but about ten times cheaper is Vet-Wrap, used for the same purposes on animals. Vet-Wrap comes in a choice of cheery colors instead of hospital white.

Cool Tools reader Linda Miller says: “I use it to wrap the shoulder straps of my carry bag. The stuff keeps it from slipping off.”

-- KK 04/6/22

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2004 — editors)

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