General Purpose Tools

Vise-Grip GrooveLock V-Jaw Pliers


Pliers with a button that adjusts the jaw

I’m a building maintenance man. I carry a small set of tools that I rely on to handle almost anything a building can throw at me. Among the very best of those tools is the 12-inch Groovelock Tongue and Groove Pliers. I’ve used them for about 8 months and they provide a powerful grip on anything from small quarter inch nuts to inch and a half plumbing lines.

The jaws are incredibly well designed. They grip tightly when most other wrenches slip right off.

The jaws can be adjusted with extreme precision easily. A push of a button releases them to adjust bigger or smaller but they can slide into a smaller size just by pushing them tighter. A great feature when you can only get one hand inside a tight cupboard and inside of walls.

They’re also lightweight. If I didn’t have these pliers, I’d have to carry heavy monkey wrenches which would be impractical for the speed I need to move at.

I’ve used other adjustable pliers in the past and I never liked them. I’d prefer a monkey wrench or box end wrenches for most work. Now, even working on my vehicles I’m usually running to get this wrench.

-- Emmett O'Brian 02/17/20

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2016 — editors)