Giottos Rocket Blaster

Dust-Off alternative

This rubber rocket doesn’t provide as much pressure as Dust-Off, but it exhales a forceful-enough blast for dusting photo/electronic gear, and standing upright on its base sidelines as playful desk dressing/stress-relief toy. I squeeze the oblong bladder (the rocket’s body) and a burst of air entering through a hole at the bottom exits the narrow hard plastic red nozzle. I can’t compare their relative dusting power, but unlike the ReAir Duster, the Rocket Blaster doesn’t require refilling. Mine’s been in regular use in the office and on location for a couple of years without any noticeable wear.

The general consensus is that products like Dust-Off should be kept away from digital camera sensors, either because the pressure can be too high around delicate internal mechanisms or the potential for harmful residue. Giottos Rocket Blaster is the best alternative I’ve seen — an inexpensive low-tech tool for maintaining expensive high-tech tools.

-- Elon Schoenholz 02/18/20

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2009 — editors)

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