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Walkabout Power Adapters


Power adapter superstore

I travel the world, and am always bringing my gadgets with me. Most modern gadgets are okay on any voltage and require only a plug adapter. I have bought expensive and cheap plug adapters on Amazon, in street bazaars, from fancy travel stores, and from electronics stores. My favorite plug adapters are from a company called “Walkabout Travel Gear.” First of all, their website cleanly and clearly tells you what adapter(s) you need for each country. Many online sites don’t. Secondly, their adapters are reasonably priced and very durable. I have never had one break or fall apart (although I have lost a few). Third, they are relatively ergonomic. For instance, the adapter for US two prong to European two prong is a small adapter designed to fit inside the cylindrical hole many European outlets have. Pulling adapters out of the hole is often a challenge, but the walkabout ones have grippable ridges on the adapter that make them easy to pull out.

They also have sections of their store for other travel items, ranging from water purification to hostel sleepsacks. Mostly, these are not walkabout branded items but instead well regarded name-brands, and their curated list of travel gear resonates with what I take for rugged travel.

-- Christopher Hoadley 03/29/18