General Purpose Tools

Walldog Drywall Anchor Screws


Simplest way to hang pictures on drywall

I’ve been using Walldog Drywall Anchor Screws at least 8 years since I discovered them; for most purposes they allow me to skip the drywall-anchor stage of affixing items to the wall. One screw can hold about 50 pounds vertical weight in drywall, or a lot more in wood, concrete, or brick.

They’re easy to use, simple to back out and re-use, and the holes left behind are *much* easier to cover up than those left by classic drywall anchors. They make hanging things on the wall a simple one-step process; instead of: drill hole, insert drywall anchor, change bit, insert and tighten screw (and possibly start cussing when the drywall anchor decides to twist around instead of seating itself firmly), it’s just: screw in a WallDog…and you’re done.

Just be sure you have your drill set to a slow speed and low torque so you don’t inadvertently ream out the hole completely. They’re more expensive than standard screws, of course, but since they’re easy to reuse I seldom have to buy another box; when I move something I just back the previous Walldogs out, spackle the hole, and use them again in the new position.

-- Barbara Dace 01/4/21