Extra Pure Anhydrous Lanolin


Best thing I've found for preventing hangnails

You learn a few things as you get older. One of the most useful things I’ve learned is to take care of my cuticles. I used to have dry, cracked cuticles. The thin layer of skin around the fingernails dries out and sticks to the fingernail, and as the nail grows the skin splits at the sides, becoming a bloody and painful hangnail.

I have tried lotions; they softened my hands but didn’t really fix my hangnail problem.

The best thing I’ve found for taking care of my cuticles and preventing hangnails is anhydrous lanolin, and the best lanolin I’ve found is this Australian Golden Lanolin.  I rub a little into each cuticle after taking a shower or doing the dishes, pushing the cuticle back a little so it doesn’t stick to the fingernail.

The initial feeling is that your fingers are greasy (Note: lanolin is a wax, not grease), but soon the lanolin absorbs into your fingers, leaving the skin supple and healthy. no more hangnails. I also use it on chapped lips and the relief is instantaneous.

I have been using lanolin for over ten years, and I’ve tried many different suppliers.  Some products I’ve received smell like they’ve added some sort of chemical (or fragrance).  I do not find the “barnyard” smell of lanolin objectionable, and I don’t need chemical additives or fragrances.

This Australian Golden Lanolin is pharmaceutical grade, not the least expensive variety available, but for me, it’s worth the money.  One two-ounce container lasts me several months, and I like this convenient size.  Whether you work outdoors or in an office. Do your cuticles a favor and treat them to a little lanolin every day. You will notice the difference.

-- Thomas Peltier 01/5/21