WD-40 No Mess Pen


Dab, don't spray

I’ve had a WD-40 No-Mess Pen for several years. (Like a marking pen with a felt tip, but having lubricant instead of ink.) I use it very seldom, but it does the trick when needed, if you don’t want a smelly, slimy, drippy, messy aerosol spray: e,g, on a key. Or in the latest instance, where it rescued my 15-year-old HP 1210 All-in-One Printer. I had given it up for dead after trying every trouble-shooting trick out there: the ink cartridge carrier was clattering and getting stuck on its rails, even when I dusted and wiped them and massaged the carrier, etc. etc. But a tiny dab with the WD-40 Pen on the rails brought my printer back from the dead.

It’s overpriced at, at $7.74 + shipping, and has 20% one-star reviews, but I didn’t have any of those complaints.

PS: As for the classic spray can, I see WD-40 is still sold with that loose red straw. Much better is its so-called “Smart Straw“, attached to the can with a swivel which can fold the straw down to the side of the can. Amazon, $3.88.

-- Gene Keyes 03/5/18