General Purpose Tools

Large Safety Pin


Make a safety pin part of your everyday carry

I carry a size 3 large safety pin everyday wherever I go. I personally carry the safety pin on my keychain for over 3 years. The safety pin is so light I don’t even notice the additional item. I have learned to rely on this pin for many unexpected uses. Some examples of how I have used the safety pin include :ejecting the Simm card from phone; clearing the pocket lint from the headphone jack on a device; extracting a sliver from a finger skin; putting a vent hole into a container; pinning a blanket closed whiles covering a child in cold outdoor weather; fishing a drawstring back through a bag or sweatshirt; pinning the hotel curtains together in hotel room; keeping shirt buttoned on a dress shirt when the button cracked; a scraper; applying super glue to something, and many more. I continue to find new uses everyday.

-- Tom Parks 03/6/18