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Wee Willy’s Faceshield Cleaning System


Clean your helmet visor on the go

I have been using a Wee Willy to clean my motorcycle helmet’s face shield for 16 or 17 years.
It allows me to quickly do a thorough roadside cleaning of my face shied — no having to use paper towels, dirty gas station water, etc. It fits easily into a pocket in the included zippered pouch, which has a mesh back to allow it to dry out.

A few squirts with the pump, some quick scrubs with the sponge, then a few swipes with the windshield wiper-shaped squeegee and presto, a clean visor.

There is a microfiber towel included to do a final polish if you want.

The sponge does a good job loosening bug goo, and the squeegee has just the right amount of flexibility to follow the curve of a face shield easily.

I tried a different version which was available a long time ago, but the wiper was the wrong shape/stiffness and it was very difficult to not have big streaks (usually right in the line of sight) when you were finished.

I just bought a new one as my sponge was finally getting a bit worn out, and found that they have replaced the plastic container of my original, which had managed to survive all sorts of abuse, with an aluminum one, which is obviously even tougher, although you can’t visually check the cleaning fluid level now. A few squirts of liquid dishwashing soap in the container, then fill it with water and you are good to go.

Replacement fluid is also available from Wee Willy’s.

Faceshields can easily cost more than $40 and the $21.95 for a Wee Willy will easily pay for itself in the joy of a clean visor.

-- Carlie Siemel 10/17/15