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What’s in my bag? — Eric Lepine


What's in my bag? issue #66

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Eric Lepine is an award winning Coffee Roaster, Green Buyer and Educator who has worked in the coffee industry for over a decade. He has worked for several prolific brands in the New England area. Having recently relocated to Austin, TX, he is eager to find a place to contribute to the coffee community in his new home. You can find him on Instagram @ericlepine.


About the bag
Topo Designs Rover Pack Classic ($99): I love this bag because it works as both a great commuter bag but is also rugged enough to use for a hike or as a weekend bag for a quick getaway. The drawstring main interior makes it roomier than it looks and having quick access on the top pouch is great. It comes in an array of color patterns if you’re inclined.

What’s inside the bag
Rattleware Cupping Spoon ($12): As a Coffee Roaster and Green Buyer most of my important work involves tasting coffee. It’s good to always be prepared to cup coffee wherever I may find myself. I like the weight and bowl depth of these basic Rattleware cupping spoons and it’s extra special to have this engraved spoon that I received as a gift from a friend.

Diop Facemasks ($15): These facemasks come in an assortment of awesome designs and a portion of profits goes to supporting the most vulnerable communities in Detroit, where the company is based. Living in a new city, it can be a setback to walk into a prospective new employer’s cafe with a certain level of anonymity, but I actually find these masks always spark conversation which can make introductions easier.

Leatherman Crater C33 Knife ($26): Whether it’s popping open bags of green coffee, packages or a bottle of beer after a long day of work, this knife is always handy. Be forewarned that once everyone knows that you are the guy with the bottle opener you may spend more time opening bottles than drinking from them.

Yeti Rambler 14oz Insulated Mug ($25): Let’s address the elephant in the room. No, it does not fit in your car cup holder. However, I love this mug because even when I’m in the zone at work and totally forget that I have a coffee, this vessel never fails to have kept it warm (or cold!) and delicious. It feels gratifying to hold and it definitely does not hurt that it is a handsome mug.

-- Eric Lepine 09/9/20

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