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What’s in my bag? — Jayme Boucher


What's in my bag? issue #67

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Jayme Boucher is the Director of Games at Mondo, an expanding enterprise with a passionate love of film, art, music and pop culture. Her small but mighty team of play enthusiasts has launched a robust line of tabletop games and art-forward jigsaw puzzles that can be found here. When not working, Jayme enjoys birdwatching from her porch, reading, and teaching herself to cook. She can be found on LinkedIn.

About the bag

People love to poke fun at me for prioritizing function over fashion, but in rare cases (cough cough: Crocs) something I swear by becomes popular, giving me a wicked sense of personal triumph over naysayers. Enter: the Fanny Pack — a staple of my wardrobe that is finally considered cool.

I have this particular bag in several colors (seriously, they cost less than $10). They’ve been a staple of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember, especially during convention season when it’s not always realistic to lug a backpack or purse through airports or crowded convention centers. They’re durable, have an impressive ability to collapse and expand, and offer my ideal breakout of compartments for storing important things like my wallet, quick grab evergreen items, and larger swappables that vary depending on my need.

What’s inside the bag

Dr. PAWPAW Balm ($9)
I have a deep fondness for multi-use beauty products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. This vegan/cruelty-free balm is great for: lips, cheekbones, taming brows or flyaways, and re-hydrating dry cuticles (which is a must when you’re demoing board games). I’ve even used it as spot-treatment on small cuts/burns/blemishes. The original clear variation is my go-to, but when I’m feeling spicy, I’ll use the peach to give my lips and cheeks a splash of color.

Heads Will Roll by Lay Waste Games
There’s nothing better than a game you can carry on you at all times, especially one that serves as a social lubricant. I’ve broken this simple dexterity game out at many an after-hours mixer; it provides an opportunity to converse casually while focusing attention and eye contact on the game, which puts most people at ease. Bonus: there are few better measures of a person’s temperament than observing their level of competitiveness and/or sportsmanship when they win or lose a game.

All this one requires to play is a flat surface (table, floor, etc) and at least one other willing participant, but I’ve played in groups as large as ten in the past.

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Sea Bands ($9)
These weird little bracelets changed my life when I discovered they curbed anxiety-induced nausea. Whether you’re feeling queasy due to travel, illness, or nerves, they’re a nice alternative to medicines that typically cause other undesirable side-effects, and have been a great option to have on me when I need them. They also come in a carrying case so they won’t get lost or dirty.

Diva Cup ($28)
There are a ton of menstrual cups on the market; but thanks to the social stigma surrounding the dreaded uterus, a lot of folks have no idea they’re an option. This brand is BPA/Latex free (made from medical-grade silicone) and allows for 12 hours of use at a time, providing unparalleled levels of freedom, especially when traveling. No single-use plastics = better for the environment than traditional tampons/pads, and by my calculations, I’ve saved roughly twelve hundred dollars in the decade I’ve been using one.

-- Jayme Boucher 09/16/20

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