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What’s in my bag? — Steven Leckart


What's in my bag? issue #26

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Steven Leckart is a writer/director (and former editor of Cool Tools). In 2019, he wrote the two-part documentary “What’s My Name | Muhammad Ali” for HBO, and co-executive produced the three-part documentary series “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates” for Netflix. You can find him on Instagram @leckart.


Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Mug (16oz) ($25)
Since I was on the Cool Tools podcast earlier this year, I upgraded travel coffee mugs to this Zojirushi model. It not only keeps beverages hotter for longer, but the design is also more hygienic. On top, there’s a lid that opens and closes to protect the mouthpiece from dirt and debris while in transit.

Camelbak Beck Insulated Stainless Water Bottle (20oz) ($28)
A lot of reusable bottles are large and unwieldy, or have spouts that are awkwardly-shaped or sized. I’m partial to this one because the lid is the diameter of a soda can, and the bottle is skinny enough to fit in most drink holders. The last time I filled it with ice, four hours later, cubes were still floating inside.

4-inch iPhone Cable Charger ($10)
I always keep a spare battery pack in my inside jacket pocket while traveling. But uncoiling and detangling the charging cable was a constant annoyance. Switching to one of these shorter cables was so helpful, I wish I’d done it years ago. I don’t have a specific brand to recommend. Just buy one that’s short enough that it can’t tangle.

Rubber Trigger Point Release Therapy Balls ($12)
I often travel with a short, hollow trigger point foam roller. It’s fantastic, but I still need an every-day carry to help me relieve and prevent muscular tightness and tension whenever I feel it coming on. So I’ve accumulated various balls for different spots or to achieve a different sense of pressure. The link here takes you to the big blue ball in the photo, which came with a set of two balls in a black travel bag (pictured). Also pictured: The black ball is a Wham-O SuperBall. I alternate the larger blue and smaller Wham-O balls on my hip. For the bottom of my foot, I use the other two balls pictured, which my rolfer gave me. The little green marble-sized one is rubbery. The multi-colored ball is essentially a hackey sack. I recommend Googling and watching YouTube videos on how to do this stuff before trying. It can be incredibly painful, but highly effective.

About the bag
Lo & Sons Hanover Deluxe 2! This is the absolute best everyday backpack I’ve ever owned: ample space w/interior pockets and padded sleeves, exterior drink holders, padded straps, sleeve for a rolling suitcase handle, and more. Best of all: NO LOGOS!

-- Steven Leckart 12/4/19

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