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What’s in my NOW? — Alex Giedt

issue #153

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I’m a CA kid who is now splitting time between the SF Bay Area and Maine. By trade, I’m an analyst/marketer. I’ve never been cool but have been lucky to hang with cool people. I like to learn. — Alex Giedt


Buddha Machine
It is a small device (that looks like an old transistor radio). It plays meditative looping ambient music created by the Duo FM3. I have had this thing for years. They are a bit hard to find but they pop up on eBay. I use it when I’m focusing on work or creative pursuits.

SawStop Table Saw
I’m trying to spend more time making. A table saw is perhaps the most versatile tool one can have for woodworking. This one can detect blade contact with skin and shutdown instantly (within milliseconds) thus keeping your fingers attached to your hand.

Leuchtturm Notebook with dot graph paper
Having notebooks around me is a requirement. I remember things better when I physically write them down. I also like to be able to jot down a random thought that is intruding upon what I’m doing so I can refocus without forgetting the random thought. These notebooks aren’t the cheapest option but aren’t that expensive. They come in a wide variety of colors and have nice paper. I use them continuously.


Evan Dahm’s Website
My favorite graphic novel is Rice Boy, Evan Dahm’s fantastic world and wonderful characters. His website has all of his work, including his new stuff. I visit frequently.

Yotam Ottolenghi’s Instagram Feed
I love his cookbooks. His IG feed is attainable aspiration. I have made many of his dishes found here. They are all delicious.


How am I wrong? I feel like overconfidence is our greatest threat. The idea of people staking a position and then thinking they are 100% correct no matter what, is truly bonkers to progress. I know I am wrong about something and I actively and continuously try to figure out how I’m wrong. As a marketer, this is pretty elemental to any success.


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