What's in My Bag

What’s in my NOW? — Dennis Bishop

issue #152

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I’m a retired IT pro who worked at a state university for nearly 40 years. I retired early with plans to launch a new career. So far, that hasn’t happened but I’m enjoying my life more than ever and am looking forward to the rest of my life with a renewed sense of purpose and wonder.


My Peloton bike. I work out up to 90 minutes a day five times a week and it has kept me healthy and sane through all the madness.

My MacBook Air (M1). I’ve been an IT pro for over 35 years and hands down, it’s the best computer I’ve ever owned. It’s fast, quiet (no fan!), has a stunning hi-res screen, and the battery lasts and lasts.

My old cat. Simone is 16 years old and is going strong. She constantly reminds me that a steady dose of love, frequent play, and lots of sleep is the best recipe for a long, happy life.


YouTube. A constant, ever-evolving resource for learning and entertainment.

Really Bad Chess. I used to be good at chess but found it became boring and very difficult to improve without hours of practice and study. Really Bad Chess offers a crazy, scrambled, updside-down world of chess play and it’s perfect.


My Mom. She passed away in 2018 but she continues to inspire me to be the best person possible. She faces tremendous life setbacks with good humor and grit.


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