Zero Waste Cap

Gets the last drop out of pump bottles

In this video we’re taking a look at the Zero Waste Cap. It’s $10 on Amazon, I’m going to tell you why it’s worth it, and if you pick one up using the Amazon link in the description it helps support my videos and the Cool Tools blog.

In my bathroom I have a lot of bottles that use a pump. Hand lotion, conditioner, soap. And they’re really convenient until they run so low that the pump doesn’t work. There’s still stuff in there, but the pump can’t get it, and you’re stuck trying shake it out. It’s stupid.

This cap helps you in that tiny crisis. When you get to the end of your bottle, you can take out the pump, screw on this closeable cap, and then store the bottle upside down. This way, gravity pulls down the rest of the stuff, but the cap keeps it from leaking out all over the place.

Now, what’s particularly smart about this cap is that it comes with two fitting that should accommodate most standard bottle types. By squeezing the colored edges on the sides, you can swap out one fitting for another.

Another nice feature is that the hinge on the cap is a two-piece design, which should hold up better than a single piece that’s being flexed over and over.

There’s no reason you can’t reuse this between different bottles, though it couldn’t hurt to have a couple of these available. For $10, I’m glad I went for it.

-- Donald Bell 07/3/18