Zome System


Geodesic logic

Geodesic structures have always been tricky to mess around with because the vertices have to be precise, which often equals expensive. This reasonably priced system provides highly machined plastic connectors and sufficient highly engineered struts in various lengths to build scores of geodesic forms. The possibilities of shape are open-ended so that even small kids can build with it (struts are color-coded to ease assembly), and yet logical and complex enough that the same components can be used in a high school math or even college engineering classes. They also offer a selection of lesson plans built around this research toy. I had my first “aha” experience of geodesics while building with it: crystals are geodesic!

— KK

Kits range in price from $10 for a 72-piece starter kit to $125 for a set with almost 1,000 pieces.
1526 South Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80211, 303-733-2880, 888/966-3386

Zomes are used to teach symmetry, projections, geometry, tilings and mosaics, architectural space frames and truss structures, crystallography, and chemical structures.

The minimum kit makes a cubic structure which can be dunked into soap water to generate soap films

Holes in the connector balls are shape coded to only accept the proper length strut at the correct angle.

A truncated icosahedron, otherwise known as a Buckyball.