101 American Geo-Sites You’ve Gotta See

This will change your vacation plans. Visit your home planet! Geology is a force so huge we don’t see it. Yet evenly spread across the US (at least one in each state) are spots where our planetary behavior is made visible, erupting in either grand spectacle or in tiny gems on the ground. I was briefly a geology major in school, so call me geeky: but what bigger vacation can one imagine that inspecting 101 sites where you can see inside the Earth? A surprising number of US national, state, and county parks are dedicated to geologic power points. Other spots may be roadcuts or river beds. Use this guide to find them and interpret their incredible hidden significance.

-- KK  

101 American Geo-Sites You’ve Gotta See
Albert B. Dickas
2012, 264 pages

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Sample Excerpts:

Meteor Crater, Arizona

Of the more than 180 impact sites recognized around the world, approximately 25 are in the United States. The recognized godfather of them all, meteor crater is a perfect example of a simple crater — one without a central uplift. It is the most thoroughly investigated and by far the best preserved of the many astroblemes that scar the face of planet Earth.




At Dinosaur State Park, intersecting sets of pockmarking footprints give evidence of a well-traveled freeway.



Cross-section (not drawn to scale) of the Four Corners roadcut. The coal seems (black lines) formed in a swamp environment.


Gilboa Forest, New York
42° 23′ 52″ North, 74° 26′ 50″ West
Devonian Period Fossilization

Only Sandstone casts of stumps and roots remain of this first forest to shade the American landscape.


This Sandstone cast of a Gilboa Forest stump is believed to be the fossilized root remains of a primitive palmlike tree. The basal diameter is 3.5 feet.



The main attractions at Kellyes Island are the first-order, big-boy grooves deeply scoured into the limestone bedrock at Glacial Grooves State Memorial.

Split Loom Tubing

My cats have picked up the habit of chewing on laptop power cords. They’ve bitten clean through them at least ten times. I got tired of repairing the cords, so I went on Amazon in search of a solution. I ordered a product called Crittercord Micro. It’s 6 feet of split plastic tubing infused with “citrus scent and bitter taste” to discourage animals from chewing. It cost $10.

Crittercord works as advertised, but the solution is worse than the problem — the smell is unbearably foul. It reminds me of the nauseous odor of hair curling preparations. Everyone in the house complained about the penetrating stench.

I told my friend Sean Ragan about my gnawing cats, and he recommended ¼-inch split loom tubing. For $12 I was able to buy a 100-foot roll, which is more than enough for all of our laptop power cords. It has no odor, and it works beautifully. The cats want nothing to do with it. Perhaps the tubing it doesn’t have the right mouthfeel or pleasant-smelling plasticizers that my cats love.

The tubing is flexible enough that I leave it on the power cord when I travel.


-- Mark Frauenfelder  

American Terminal SL250-100 1/4-Inch Split Loom Tubing, 100 feet

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Glowdoggie Illuminated Dog Collar

The Glowdoggie Ultra is a German-engineered LED lighted dog collar. It allows you to see your dog at night, at a distance. I have had my Glowdoggie collar for about 4 months now. As a professional dog trainer I have seen many, many different collars, and this collar far exceeds the run of the mill LED collar in a number of ways.

Firstly it is waterproof. I have tested this thoroughly, and it lives up to its claim of being 100% waterproof. Secondly, it is compatible with rechargeable batteries. This is a big plus if you are using an LED collar regularly. The company also guarantees their collars for 2 years. After four months of regular usage, I see literally no wear and tear on this thing, so I think it will far exceed the 2 year warrantee.

The biggest plus of these collars are the fact that they are intensely bright. With a dog off leash at over 100 yards the collar in clearly visible with no other lighting around. This is partly due to the fact that unlike many LED collars the Glowdoggie does not flash but instead remains a constant source of light. Contrary to my initial thoughts, this does not have any noticeable drain on the batteries compared to some of the other battery powered collars that flash.

All in all this is one of the best LED collars available on the market today, and comes to you, batteries included.

-- Josh Moran  

LED Night Light with Wash & Brush Timer

I bought this timer / night-light for my daughter, who is five, about three months ago.

She understands the importance of brushing her teeth and is excited about doing it on her own, however she underestimates the time required to fully complete the task.

I finally decided it was time to get her a better brushing timer so she can form a good practice on her own without dad hovering and correcting constantly. After a bunch of research, this timer was my choice. Not only does it have the two-minute toothbrushing timer, but it’s also got a 20 second handwashing timer and built in night-light with auto on/off (it goes on when the room is dark, off when light).

When she presses the hand icon or the brush icon a green light flashes. As the wash/brush session nears its end, the light flashes faster and faster. When the session is over a red light flashes a few times and then the light goes off. The simple iconography is easy for her to understand, the buttons are easy to press, and it’s fun for her to watch the light flash.

The timer also has a water-resistant face and fits well in the bathroom plug without blocking my other outlet (in a GFI plug).

Overall I’m very pleased with it and wish I’d purchased it much earlier.

-- Ian Hall  

Rite Lite LPL823 LED Night Light with Wash & Brush Timer

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Manufactured by Rite Lite

Premier Gentle Leader

I have had the Premier Gentle Leader Headcollar for about a year now. We have a somewhat rambunctious Bearded Collie (which is to say, a typical Bearded Collie). And whenever we walked him he would go somewhat bananas pulling at the leash or jumping off in random directions no matter what we tried: treats, collars, harnesses, even that “CHHHHT!” noise that Cesar Millan recommends. Nothing kept him consistently manageable.

The Gentle Leader, on the other hand, just works. It is some sort of black magic from the Animal Gods.

Actually, it’s not; it works based on how it’s put together and how it attaches which is in such a way that if the dog pulls or jumps, his nose is GENTLY tugged downward. It turns out dogs do not like this, so they quickly learn to avoid it by walking at your pace calmly.

I went from a leash that was as tight as piano wire on most walks, requiring a lot of upper body strength to keep our 45lb Beardie in check, to a pretty much completely slack leash — allowing a much more leisurely, less tiring, and more enjoyable walk.

-- Steve Coallier  

Premier Gentle Leader
Different sizes available for different breeds

Available from Amazon

Manufactured by Premier Pet

Sample Excerpts:

Insta Raised Bed

You never seem to have an inflatable bed when you need one. Then you buy one and the piece of crap leaks or is really uncomfortable. This one works well. A typical two-prong power outlet nearby lets you fill the Insta Bed quickly with the mattress’s built-in air pump — and this is key — it quietly keeps it inflated to your desired pressure all night. You also deflate it via that pump. Folds into a small twin pillow-sized bundle for storage. It is firm enough to fool me, doesn’t lose air very fast either. Guests have commented on its comfort. Returning guests pick the room with that mattress over a guest room with a real queen-sized bed for some reason.

Insta Raised Queen Bed

Available from Amazon

Manufactured by Insta Bed


About five years ago, I moved to a Delightful European Country, and was surprised to discover that my local supermarket intended to charge me for plastic grocery bags.  They were very nice, study, thick plastic bags, but perhaps not quite worth the regular fee. I popped next door to a bag shop and bought some reusable bags – you know the ones: nylon bag, stuffs in a little pouch, tucks in your handbag.

That purchase was not my wisest. I promptly lost the little pouches, so the bags ended up overtaking my handbag. The bags were on the small side, but the straps were skinny, so even their little load dug into my shoulders for the few hundred metres walk to my Tiny European Apartment. It took me a few months, but I eventually upgraded to Envirosax.

I’ll admit, I was first drawn to Envirosax because they’re just so pretty. They come in all sorts of beautiful patterns. The fact that they’re definitely a Cool Tool is seriously just a nice bonus.

Envirosax are nice and large (the manufacturers claim they hold two plastic bags worth, and my experience backs this up) but fold up nice and small. The straps are thick, so they’re very comfortable to use for long periods. They’re corralled by an attached strap, which can’t be lost like a separate pouch (even if neatly folding and strapping them can be a little tiresome). They’re very sturdy and very strong – I load them up regularly and even my five year old ones still look pristine. They’re also really pretty.

I’ve subsequently moved on to A Land of Free Grocery Bags, but I still swear by Envirosax. I always have two tucked in my handbag, which helps me decline plastic bags at most stores. (Yes, environment-schmironment, but mostly it’s because my plastic bag cupboard is perpetually overflowing.) I always have them with me when I travel – they’re great for a beach trip, bakery run, unexpected suitcase blow-out or emergency carry-on.  I’ve probably given a dozen as gifts. And they’re really pretty.

-- Ilana Smith  

[Note: Like Ilana, I have a few five-year old Envirosax bags that have held up extremely well even while hauling heavy loads from the grocery store. These bags along with the previously reviewed IKEA totes comprise most of my reusable stuff carriers.--OH]

$12 for 1
Available from Amazon
$40 for 5
Available from

Manufactured by Envirosax

Doidy Cup

doidy cup.jpeg

We discovered this cup when our second child was having problems gulping from a spouted cup or bottle causing her to choke and vomit. A Doidy cup was suggested and it immediately solved the problem, as she could suddenly see what she was doing.

With our third child we have used them since starting him on solids, and they are also much easier for the parent or caregiver who is feeding the child to see what they are doing. I even hear good reports of this being used to top a newborn up with milk whilst breastfeeding is still establishing. A fantastic, if simple, idea. And they come in lovely jolly colours too; my son is particularly fond of his pink one!

-- Nathalie Marshall  

Doidy Cup

Available from Amazon

Manufactured by Doidy Cups

Kelty Pathfinder

kelty path.jpeg

I’ve used this kid-carrier backpack from Kelty, called the Pathfinder, nearly every day for the past year. For instance, just today I took a bird-watching hike with my 16-month-old son, Ivan, who loves traveling in the pack. Previous to the Pathfinder I was using an expensive Phil-and-Ted Backpack for a few months, but it was inferior. It is attractive and stylish and it has what seems to be a more comfortable seat for the child, but the adjustments are limited for positioning the child. It’s essential when using one of these packs that the kid’s weight is well-balanced over the wearer’s hips, and not too far back. I find that the Phil and Ted’s pack isn’t adjustable enough, so that my child becomes cantilevered too far off of my back. In contrast, the Kelty pack’s adjustments allow me to place my child in such a way that his weight rests on my hips and doesn’t put too much strain on my back and neck.
The previously reviewed and recommended Ergo Baby carrier is an outstanding product, if not the best overall child carrier. It’s great for wearing young infants in front, and it can—like this Kelty— be used to wear a larger toddler on your back. However, the kid is directly against your back, so any type of serious hiking would be out of the question because it would be too uncomfortable and sweaty. I like to get a workout in while I’m out with my son, and with the heat he generates having him directly on my back would be miserable.
Like the other packs in this class, the Pathfinder is designed to balance a lot of weight (up to 44 lbs.), so that it feels comfortable for the wearer and for the child while you are really hiking. The pack itself is lightweight, and comes with a very useful sun/rain canopy. The padding on the back and the positioning of the child both keep my back from getting hot and sweaty. The Pathfinder has two hip pockets accessible while you’re wearing the pack, and the main storage compartment that rests behind the kid detaches as a small daypack, diaper bag. 
What sets the old Pathfinder apart from the top-of-the-line Ortlieb and Deuter models — and the current Pathfinder 3.0, Kelty’s current top-of-the-line version  –  is simply its low price. Functionally it’s the same as, or at least very similar to, the high-end newer models, but with out-of-style colors.
You can get these classic packs cheap on eBay because parents receive them as gifts but then never use them. It requires some effort to adjust them properly, and more importantly it’s simply hard to carry 32 pounds (my kid + cargo + the pack itself) on your back if you’re not used to it, especially hiking uphill or on uneven terrain. So there’s an abundance of high-quality inexpensive used backpacks in excellent condition. I bought mine unused for $65 through Craigslist, versus about $275 for the new Pathfinder 3.0.

-- Elon Schoenholz  

Kelty Pathfinder 3.0
New from $280

Available from Amazon

Available used from eBay

Manufactured by Kelty

Real Kid Shades

real kids shades.jpeg

We bought these kids sunglasses about 2 months ago (at REI), when my son was 4 months old. Before that we had about given up going out during the day, as my son would become agitated within a few minutes of going out. Now going out of the house is one of our best times.

I was a bit concerned when buying these, figuring my son would knock the glasses out of place continually. However, after a very short period he acts like the glasses aren’t even there, only complaining when they are askew.

Reviewers on Amazon have complained that the strap is too big for a 4-month old. 4-months is probably near the lower limit on age for these. We needed to adjust the strap to the smallest position and use them with a hat for them to fit. But we also found that they didn’t need to be very tight to stay in place.

I bought this brand because it was carried by REI, who I believe carries quality merchandise. I’m not sure if I would trust the UV protection of the cheapest model that Walmart sources at the lowest price (poor UV protection in sunglasses being worse than no protection at all).

Besides the UV protection and ability to be out in the bright sun, there is also the cool factor, which was really unexpected. Every time we go out walking, I’m amazed at the number of turned heads and comments we get about the shades. The words “cool dude” are used frequently. I’m also now aware of the parents who are out in the bright sun with sunglasses while their infant or toddler is left to squint.

-- Michael Nystrom  

Real Kid Shades (0-to-24 months)

Available from Amazon

Manufactured by Real Kid Shades