img 08/1/17

Momentum Atlas 38

Ultra-lightweight titanium case with oversized super-luminous numbers

img 07/18/17

Lock Laces

Elastic no-tie shoelaces

img 07/14/17

Alfamo Cooling Towel

Evaporative body cooling

img 04/24/17

Rothco Undercover Travel Vest

Includes a a tablet sized pocket and a hidden passport pocket

img 03/1/17

Moisture Wicking T Shirt

70% combed cotton/30% microfiber for rapid moisture transport

img 02/10/17

Orange Reflective Mesh Vest

Stay safe in when walking at night

img 12/28/16

Neck Wallet

Portable shirt pocket

img 12/2/16

Teva Sport Sandals

Comfortable, durable, healthy, versatile sandals

img 11/13/16

Luna Sandals

Ultralight, ultra-grippy sandals

img 10/20/16

Plainsman Leather Gloves

Fit comfortably against the hand for maximum control and dexterity

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