img 08/24/16

ThinOptics Reading Glasses

Very thin and lightweight reading glasses

img 08/11/16

Soap Mesh Bag

Save your little bits of bar soap

img 08/9/16

Everlast Leather Jump Rope

Jump rope has ball bearings in handles

img 08/8/16

Two Books About Pregnancy

Statistics-based pregnancy guides

img 06/27/16

Julbo Sherpa Sunglasses

Lightweight traditional glacier glass

img 05/12/16

Half Mask Respirator

Large non-return exhaust valve for reduced user fatigue

img 04/22/16

Lacrosse Ball

Best portable self massager

img 04/13/16

Using a Fitbit as a Silent Alarm Clock

How to wake up without disturbing your partner

img 04/7/16

3M Transpore Surgical Tape

Hypoallergenic porous plastic surgical tape

img 03/24/16

Duro-Med Cast Protector

Waterproof vinyl leg cast protector keeps cast or bandage from getting wet in the shower

img 03/23/16

Pill Box Organizer

Deep compartments hold more medication

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