img 03/4/18

Ivy Block

Preventing poison oak and ivy

img 02/28/18

Dr Tung’s Smart Floss

Stretchable floss expands between your teeth

img 02/14/18

Ellipse Half Mask Respirator

Protection against hazardous and toxic dust particles, fumes and mist metal

img 02/6/18

Revlon Twist and Clip Toenail Clipper

Comfortable clipping at any angle

img 01/16/18

UV Window Tint

Protect your skin from sun damage while driving

img 12/28/17

Tick Twister

Tick Remover for Pets and People

img 12/11/17

Diamancel Diamond File For Foot Calluses

Geometric diamond pattern buffs away hard corns and calluses.

img 11/28/17

Trioral Oral Rehydration Salts

Good for dehydration cramps

img 11/22/17

Weighted blanket

For sleep and stress

img 11/17/17

Twin Line Flossers

Two parallel lines of floss