Tool Chest

img 07/12/13

Threaded Tip Spade Drill Bits

Best bits for quick hole-making

img 06/29/13

Starrett 800 Series Nail Set

Great tool for driving machine pins and nails

img 06/23/13

Megapro Stainless 15-in-1 Driver

Non-gimmicky screwdriver with 14 bits

img 05/26/13

V-Block Drill Press Centering Fixture

Drill through the center of round stock without measuring or clamping

img 05/22/13

Carpet Stair Tool

Ensure that subflooring sheets are in the same plane

img 04/28/13

Magnetic Stud Finder

Most accurate stud finder

img 04/26/13

Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with Light

Extendable Wand Picks Up Small Metal Parts

img 03/20/13

Tool Tales: 3 Mystery Tools

What Are These Unusual Tools?

img 03/12/13

Hand Tubing Bender

Kink-free metal tube bends

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