Tool Chest

Quick Slide Drill Press Vise


Vise slides to fit part with no cranking

I recently purchased this vise because I wanted a quick slide one and this really fit the bill. I was looking at a much more expensive Heinrich Grip Master version that machinist blogs always talk about. When I called the Heinrich company, they told me that they originated this design and machine shops have used these Grip Master ones for over 90 yrs now, but now there are copies since the patents have run out. (If you want the original Grip Master, buy directly from them, because everywhere else seems to sell it for more than you can get get it directly from Heinrich Co.)

What I like about the vise I bought is the quality for the $38 price. You can buy the real Grip Master for $300+, but for $38, this fits the bill for my purposes. It is solid and square for holding down wood and metal items in my two presses. You get your item in the vise and then the cam action of the clamp locks down the last 1/8th inch. I also wanted a small enough vise I can easily move it around to various tables and tools. The last requirement I had was that the area beneath the drill bit be open so I don’t drill the vise itself, another reason I liked this design. I was skeptical of the build quality because I have not had good experience with cheap vises before and ultimately ended up returning them. However this one slides and clamps down very well.

-- Joe Kouba 01/25/17