Tool Chest

img 02/23/18

Magnetic Drive Guide

Eliminates wobbling and slipping while driving screws

img 02/17/18

Three Jaw Brace

Human-powered driver

img 02/7/18

$8 Portable Steel Tool Box

Inexpensive steel toolbox

img 01/24/18

Spring-Loaded Self-Striking Center Punch

This week for my Cool Tools video review I’m going to show you a fancy automatic center hole punch, great …



Round off wood edges

img 10/23/17


Old reliable

img 10/10/17

1/4-Inch Dual-Drive Mini Ratchet Driver

Dual-drive head accepts 1/4-inch drive sockets and standard screwdriver bits

img 10/7/17

Plastic Center Finder

Find the center of any circle