27 March 2017


Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper

Kitchen tool for scraping, crushing, chopping and measuring

Even though I’m an avid baker, I’d always thought bench scrapers were pointless until I was given one as a Christmas gift a few years back. I thought a knife or a spatula would be just as good as a scraper for most purposes. Since receiving one, however, the bench scraper has become a great multi-purpose tool in my kitchen. When I’m baking, I use it to lift and transfer pastry dough and divide cinnamon rolls. The inexpensive Norpro version I have includes a ruler on one side, which is handy to measure dough thickness. The bench scraper is also great for cleaning, though. I use it to scrape dough and other stuck-on detritus from my wooden countertop, and to remove any sort of burnt gunk from my cookie sheets. It is sharp, but not so sharp that it damages surfaces or leaves scrape marks. I’ve also used it as a pry bar on occasion. The Norpro scraper is under $6 on Amazon. For a stainless steel tool that lasts pretty much forever and has so many uses, this is a bargain.

03/27/17 -- Abbie Stillie

26 March 2017


Reader Favorite: Spyderco Bug Knife

Itty bitty knife

The Spyderco Bug Knife was one of the best-selling items of 2015 – MF

I have carried this tiny knife for a few years, connected to a Photon Freedom micro light (another cool tool I heartily recommend over the oft recommended Microlight II) for the world’s smallest EDC (Every Day Carry) set. A knife and light combo will cover 95% of any odd daily task I encounter while working in an office and lab environment. This knife is the perfect size for professional office dress. It disappears in my pocket until I need it.

It is the smallest knife I have ever found and is just big enough for general scraping, tiny hole poking, and little thing slicing you need to do on a daily basis. It does not have a lock mechanism, but as long as you know that, you can use it in a way that will not cause it to close. It is stainless steel, so it is tough and corrosion resistant.

I recently lost my Bug knife and confirmed what I already knew: that I could not do without it for even a week. It costs only $12 on Amazon, so it is a bargain.

03/26/17 -- Mark Nordhaus

26 March 2017


10 Minute Mail/Mint/Quotables

Recomendo: issue no. 35

Spam beater:
10 Minute Mail is a disposable email address. Just go to the website, and you are presented with a newly-minted email address that self-destructs after ten minutes. Here’s a sample address: l544960@mvrht.com. Use it when a web form requires an email address and you don’t want to end up on their list. From the FAQ: “If the website makes you verify the email address by sending you a link you have to click on, then you can read the email right here on www.10minutemail.com and click on the link.” — MF

We eat enough granola that we can’t keep up making our own. But most store-bought granola is way too sweet with sugar. And it’s expensive. For the past many years I’ve been gobbling up Bob’s Red Mill Honey Granola, bought in 4.5 pound bulk packages on Amazon. It is only mildly sweet using honey, and not expensive. We add our own nuts, raisins, etc. — KK

Money management:
I’m liking the new Mint much more than before. Now that it’s merged with Mint Bills, I can manage both bills and accounts in one place, and it was a lot easier to connect to all my accounts than before. Also, being able to view all my transactions in one place and categorize them permanently makes budgeting painless. — CD

I do most of my writing and editing in Google Docs. Sometimes, though, I am asked to edit a manuscript in Word. In those cases, I don’t really use Word because it is bloated and clunky. Instead, I use a free Word-compatible word processor called Bean (for OS X only). It’s snappy and the “full screen” view creates a distraction-free editing experience. — MF

Folding hack:
I thought I was a pro at folding clothes (thanks to my college days spent working at Gap), but recently came across this hack for folding North Face jackets in an Amazon review and was amazed at how compact this technique made my hoodie sweater. I rolled it into the size of softball and was able to carry it in my small crossbody bag. — CD


  • “I’ve always been very careful never to predict anything that has not already happened.” — Marshall McLuhan
  • “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” — Dorothy Parker
  • “Decisions are made by those who show up.” — Jennifer Pahlka
  • “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” — Albert Einstein
  • “Not long ago what we have today was so implausible that nobody bothered to say it would never happen.“ — Marc Andreessen
  • “The first 90% of a project is a lot easier than the second 90%.” — Tim Sweeney
  • “If you don’t like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less.” — General Shinseki

Some quotes I’m finding guidance from. (I can’t vouch for the primacy of the sources.) — KK

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03/26/17 -- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson

25 March 2017


Ask Cool Tools Featured Question

Share your knowledge with your fellow Cool Tools readers

evieb would like suggestions for the best way to carry two cell phones.

03/25/17 --

24 March 2017


Foldable Step Stool

Strong folding step stool

This foldable step stool is 11 inches high, and is only 1.5 inches thick when folded up. To unfold it, you simply set it down and it falls into place. To fold it, just grab it by the handle. Both operations are one-handed jobs. It’s got rubber dots on the top surface to prevent your feet from slipping.

It supports my weight (170 lbs) with no complaint (it’s rated at 300 lbs). It has replaced the non-folding plastic step stool that we used to keep in on the floor in the closet, giving us more room. Now my wife can access the top shelf on the closet.

03/24/17 -- Mark Frauenfelder

23 March 2017


Vitaquick Pressure Cooker

Silent and steam-free pressure cooking

I remember when I was a kid my mom had a pressure cooker with a little piece of metal on top that would hiss and wiggle and make big spurts of steam. I do not miss all the theatrics with this modern pressure cooker. This Vitaquick Pressure Cooker is easy to use, easy to clean, and doesn’t feel like it’s going to blow my head off.

We bought the 6 liter model and decided it was too small for our use, so we bought the 8 liter model. We use it to make soup stocks and gravies, and rendering chicken, pork and other meats and vegetables to a hearty broth. Most of this goes into the freezer to be used later on other cooking recipes or just a nice bowl of hot bone broth on a cold San Francisco summer night.

03/23/17 -- Kent Barnes


img 03/21/17

Crossbow Pistol

80-lb draw weight crossbow pistol

img 03/20/17

Danielle Applestone, CEO of Other Machine Co.

Cool Tools Show 073: Danielle Applestone

img 03/20/17

Chop2Pot Foldable Plastic Cutting Board

Hinges fold into a chute when the handle is squeezed to guide food into pot

img 03/18/17

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What's in My Bag? 23 February 2017

Announcements: 09/6/16


CargoRAXX – unrecommended

This appears to be a shill review. Many thanks to Cool Tools reader Matthew Connor for looking into this. He wrote:

Meaghan Hollywood works for CargoRAXX. Meaghan Hollywood put a review up quasi-anonymously on Amazon. A similarly worded review is now anonymously on KK.org.

On Amazon there are two reviews for the product (https://www.amazon.com/CargoRAXX-S1A-Interior-Management-System/dp/B01A6X4MBS). Neither is attributed by name but the one from January 18th, 2016 refers to “my Tahoe” and read similar to the KK.org review. Let us suppose the author is, in fact, the same person.

Clicking on the name for the review – merely “Amazon Customer” brings up their profile (https://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A1CF94IIWSAE00/ref=cm_cr_dp_pdp). This profile contains one Wish List on the left side. Clicking on it revels – the name of “Amazon Customer” – it is Meaghan Hollywood.

Ok. I believe at this point the author of the KK review and the author of at least one of the two reviews on Amazon are in fact the same person and that person’s name is Meaghan Hollywood.

Here’s the kicker, CargoRAXX has a website with a blog feature – their blogger’s name is Meaghan Hollywood. (http://cargoraxx.com/5-reasons-re-organize-suv/)

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