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img 10/27/17

Andrea James, Film Director and Activist

Cool Tools Show 095: Andrea James

img 10/20/17

Simon Quellen Field, CEO of Kinetic MicroScience

Cool Tools Show 094: Simon Quellen Field

img 10/13/17

Nicole Harkin, Writer and Photographer

Cool Tools Show 093: Nicole Harkin

img 10/6/17

Rebecca Romney, Rare book dealer

Cool Tools Show 092: Rebecca Romney

img 09/27/17

Craig Mod, Writer

Cool Tools Show 091: Craig Mod

img 09/21/17

Wendy Frauenfelder, crafter and amateur chef

Cool Tools Show 090: Wendy Frauenfelder

img 09/13/17

Greg Gage, CEO of Backyard Brains

Cool Tools Show 089: Greg Gage

img 09/6/17

Ben Baker, Owner of Cigar Box Nation

Cool Tools Show 088: Ben Baker

img 08/29/17

Xeni Jardin, Co-editor of Boing Boing

Cool Tools Show 087: Xeni Jardin

img 08/23/17

Louis Rossetto, Co-founder of Wired

Cool Tools Show 086: Louis Rossetto

img 08/16/17

Rob Reid, Bestselling Sci-Fi Author

Cool Tools Show 085: Rob Reid

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