img 10/13/20


Fizes leaky pipes, broken tools, broken frames, fishing poles, tent poles, etc.

img 06/9/20

Hugo’s Amazing Tape

Resuable tape sticks only to itself

img 05/13/20

600 Piece Resistor Set

Inexpensive bulk electronic components

img 04/29/20

J-B Wood Restore Premium Epoxy Putty

Easy way to deal with wood rot

img 08/23/19

Q Bond QB2 Repair Kit

Simple gluing and filling to repair broken parts

img 08/2/19


Quickly fixes tears and holes

img 02/1/19

Stainless Steel Locking Wire

Indispensable fastening wire

img 10/25/18

Instant Adhesive Welding Powder Kit

Repair breaks, cracks, holes and gaps

img 10/14/18

Goo Gone

Vanishing goo

img 10/11/18

Bondic liquid welder

Plastic welding liquid cures in 4 seconds