Malware issues and site maintenance

Thanks to all of our readers who have written in to notify us about malware warnings that the site has …


Hack Alert

We are aware that some visitors to Cool Tools today encountered a warning that this site had a link to …

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Newest New Cool Editor

It was a mighty fine experiment: Take an original fast-forward science fiction writer, who has been subscribing to Cool Tools …

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Tips 24

Quick, easy solutions

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Cool Tool Comments

All of you 220,000 RSS subscribers to COOL TOOLS should detect little difference, but all of you 450,000 unique visitors …


Gratitude Loop

I got this great tip from marketing innovator Seth Godin. I think its a good one for anyone putting on …

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Mac Laptop Power Cord Tip

Quick, easy cord hack for mobile Macheads

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Anniversary for Your Editor

Although my name sits above, someone else has been editing Cool Tools for the past 12 months. Steven Leckart has …


Tips 23

White Vinegar vs. Toilet Bowl Rings This is a tip in response to the pumice scourer. I used to scrub …


Tips 22

When a couple of the little rubber feet (LRF) came off the bottom of my laptop, I tried without success …


Tips 21

To track whether the dishes in your washer are clean, use a wet erase marker to write “Dirty” or make …

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A Few More High-End Nerdy Gifts

(And that’s all for now)

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