img 07/29/19

Book Freak #17

Danish Secrets to Happy Living

img 07/24/19

Book Freak #16: How to Break and Make Habits

Advice on breaking bad habits and making good ones

img 07/22/19

Book Freak #15: The Benefits of Listening

Advice for becoming a better listener

img 07/8/19

Book Freak #12: Letting go of anger and resentment

Claudia Dawson offers three excerpts from books she’s read on letting go of anger and resentment

img 06/27/19

Book Freak #11: Decluttering Tips

Three pieces of advice on decluttering

img 06/25/19

Book Freak #10: How to Overcome Anxiety

Three pieces of advice about overcoming anxiety

img 06/20/19

Book Freak #9: Public Speaking Tips

Three pieces of advice on becoming a better public speaker.

img 06/18/19

Book Freak #8: How to Negotiate

In this issue: how to be a better negotiator

img 06/11/19

Book Freak #6: How to Be More Creative

Advice from books about being more creative