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High-End Gifts

For lucky guys and gals

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Tips 19

I have worked with postal employees and highway workers for several years now, and the dog repellent they recommend is …

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Tips 19

That CarChip E/X thing is definitely a cool tool. I thought you might be interested in a similar option that …

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Tips 18

A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim quickly he can totally reverse the effects of …

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Tips 17

I am no painter but I do normal household paint jobs and furniture work sometimes. The last reasonably nice paint …

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Tips 16

My last two digital cameras have “interval” shooting capability. Since starting to use it, I have found a myriad of …

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Surgeon’s knot

I was shown this knot earlier this summer as a way to secure my boot laces, which were constantly coming …

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Passport proxy

Keep your passport safe by making a copy

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Indoor Skydiving

I know that the paragraph about Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in last week’s Cool Tools was just an excerpt from the …

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Bike Brake Tip

The problem: Nice road bikes that don’t have kickstands. You have to lean them against something but sometimes they roll …

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Tips 11

The age of the informed consumer is coming about and people are picking and choosing bits of the shopping experience …


Tips 10

Great tides software, easily set for locals, like our end of Sausalito and Petaluma. Mr. Tides — Stewart Brand ************** …

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