img 11/19/15

Diamond Laser 3000 Xl Bandsaw

Wet saw makes precise cuts

img 11/18/15

Oneida Dust Deputy

Vacuums sawdust without clogging the filter

img 10/2/15

Digital Height Gauge

Accurately set router bit or table saw blade height

img 08/5/15

Rockwell JawHorse

Sawhorse with a big vise


Building Workshops

Three best home workshop guides

img 12/12/13

Uvex Tomcat S2451 Safety Glasses

Rugged inexpensive sunglasses

img 11/15/13

Unimat Machine Tool

Desktop machine shop

img 11/8/13

Cupcake Pans

Organize small parts when disassembling a machine

img 10/11/13

Haddon Lumbermaker

Turn logs into boards

img 10/3/13


Desktop CNC machine

img 09/23/13

Vintage Machinery Website

Archive of old woodworking equipment