Living on the Road

Clean/Dirty Half Cube Packing Organizers


Pack clean clothes on one side, and dirty in the other

I’ve been using this for travel since I first noticed them earlier this year. It’s basically the same product as a normal Eagle Creek packing organizer, but with one innovation, which is that there are two sides to the organizer with a barrier panel between them. One side has a white zipper and the other has a gray zipper. This allows you to keep your clean clothes on one side and the dirty clothes on the other.

There are two reasons this is cool. The reason that might be obvious is the ability to keep track of which clothes are clean and which are dirty. But the less obvious and ultimately more important reason for me has been that it permits your packed clothes to retain a consistent and predictable size and shape, so the way you pack when you leave on your trip stays the same as you unpack and repack at various points during your journey. There are various sizes, but I picked one that’s about 10 x 14 that I can use as the “core object” in a bundle wrap if I’m going to be packing more stuff than will fit in the cube.

-- David Zicarelli 01/19/17