Eric Moore, IT Manager at Institute for the Future


Cool Tools Show 070: Eric Moore

Our guest this week is is Eric Moore. Eric is the IT Manager at Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California. He previously worked for Apple in its Information Systems and Technology Department. Having grown up on a farm in Georgia, he’s a tinkerer by nature who loved to break things and put them back to together to learn how they worked.

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Show notes:

Anker Compact Car Jump Starter ($80)
“I have an old, classic ’72 Chevy Blazer that I have in storage. It was in storage for over a year. I took it there and changed out the fluids and was getting ready to start it and obviously the battery was dead, but I connected this thing to it and without hesitation it started it up and when it died a couple of times, each time I connected that thing to it it started it, no problem. … It has a fast charger port, a higher voltage as well, flashlight, emergency SOS signal for the flashlight as well. This thing is awesome.”

Anything After App (Discontinued)
Alternative: After Credits (FREE)
“After you sit and watch a movie now they usually have teasers at the end … if there’s a teaser to the sequel or outtakes or gag reels or whatever; this app lets you know whether you need to sit around and wait after the movie to see additional content. Also, based on the actual people that have viewed the content, lets you know if it’s worth waiting around for it as well.”

Breville Milk Café Milk Frother ($130)
“[This is] one of the best pieces of hardware that I own. This thing basically takes your milk and it steams it, so you don’t have to buy that really, really expensive machine with the frother wand on the end. You dump it in there and it has a couple of discs in there, if you want cappuccino or frappuccino, it does everything for you. You push a button, set your temperature and walk away from it.”

DMD Panorama ($1.99, iTunes)
“What this does it allows you to take 360-degree spheric panorama pictures, so you can share those pictures with friends. It’s a different level of immersion depending on the venue. I have pictures from Hawaii and Waimea Canyon with this thing. You can zoom in and just spin around the picture itself and then also for people that use Google Cardboard or any type of VR hardware, you can basically load that picture up and it’s like you’re walking around in that picture. … Basically, it’s a fully encompassed 360 picture.”

Ricoh Theta S ($305)
“It’s super small, super compact…You can have it in your pocket and most times you won’t even notice it’s there it’s so small…It basically takes 360 degree pictures as well, but the awesome thing is you can live stream.”