Clear Removable Mounting Squares

Temporary wall glue

I have been using these wonderful little Clear Removable Mounting Squares from Scotch for about 2 years now for holding things up and down and together and have loved them. I was desperately searching for an easy and elegant way to tack down my speaker wire for a new surround sound system when I stumbled upon these little gems and knew that I had found the answer. These squares are like a cross between Sticky Tack and the best Scotch tape you’ve ever used–they are gooey and very sticky, yet hold their form and are almost totally invisible. For tacking down speaker wire, many folks nail those little “U” shaped brackets into the wall; but these are so much better. I simply stuck one to the wall, stuck the speaker wire to it and then stuck another one over it to make a “sandwich” with the speaker wire in the middle. It looks fantastic, it’s non-marring, it’s easy and fast, and it really holds well! Not to mention that these hold up pictures, posters and even light objects with ease. They are truly an innovation and fill a need that many don’t realize they have until they see the product. They are just great to have around.

-- Peter Lio 10/14/21

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2004 — editors)

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