PVC-Lock Removable Coupling


Eliminates primer and glue

PVC-Lock fittings are removable couplings for joining standard PVC irrigation or pool plumbing. I came across this last summer at Home Depot while trying to figure out how to do a complicated repair in a very tight space behind our pool pump. Basically these slide on and then lock. For my application this was great because the alternative required gluing together multiple fittings at once and there was not enough space to work. These couplings worked well and there has been no leakage. From reviews this looks similar to Shark Bite system but just for PVC. Also these are rated only for outdoor and cold water uses.

They are definitely a few times more expensive than standard fittings, but perfect for cases where you can’t glue or need to disassemble in the future. In my case, I used standard couplings where I could and then used 3 of these for final assembly.

As you would expect, you need to ensure that the pipe is fully inserted and seated to get a good seal, so you have to be able to apply a bit of force from each side. I also strongly recommend buying the little kit with deburring and disassembly tools. I found it really helpful to “dry fit” and then pop it all apart again.

-- Jon Margolis 02/19/20