Swedish Tracing Paper


Sewable and washable tracing paper

For anyone who sews or needs to trace and cut designs that will withstand repeated use, Swedish tracing paper is super helpful.

It’s a stiff fabric/paper that’s thin enough to see through to trace, yet sturdy enough to hold up to repeated uses. Instead of using the tissue-thin paper that clothing patterns are printed on, I trace the pattern onto the Swedish tracing paper, cut it out, and use it again and again. Then, if I need to make another size or alteration with that pattern, my original isn’t cut up. It can be ironed flat and even sewn. Some people use interfacing in a similar way, but I prefer the Swedish tracing paper because it’s easier to get precision lines and cuts since it is more like paper. When I cut my fabric, the tracing paper sticks to it slightly, meaning I generally don’t need to use pins. I can cut about 10 patterns out of a roll of paper, and I’ve purchased four over the past five years or so.

-- Abbie Stillie 02/12/20