Jane Metcalfe, Co-founder of Wired


Cool Tools Show 054: Jane Metcalfe

Jane Metcalfe started Wired Magazine with her life partner Louis Rossetto, and Kevin and I had the honor of working with her during those glory days. More recently Jane was the President of TCHO Chocolate. She’s currently at work on a new startup about how advances in science and technology are conspiring to improve our health.

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Show notes:

muscle fix tape
Kinesio Tape ($15)
“[The tape] accelerates the healing from an injury or from inflammation and it also can be used to support muscles that have been inhibited in some way. … It’s not that thick, and it’s a woven tape. It’s got a special acrylic adhesive on it that allows it to stretch with your skin. It actually slight pulls the skin away from the lower dermis, which basically operates on the principles of osmosis. It allows the fluids to move form the high pressure into the vacuum created when you lift the skin away, into that low pressure area, and it enables your lymphatic and your venous drainage systems to literally pull the fluids away and to help drain swollen and bruised tissues quicker. … I can wear this for 3 to 5 days. It works starting instantly.”

game ready
Game Ready
“I’ve had minor injuries before. They always say, ‘RICE. Rest, ice, compressing, and elevation. RICE.’ … After the trauma of an injury or a surgery, the ice is really, really critical. If you hit it hard and diligently, immediately, you’re going to have better results. … Game Ready makes it so easy and so comfortable. It’s beyond just a soothing relief of the coolness on your hot, swollen tissues. It’s also got this compression, which is mimicking the muscles of your own body, the natural muscular response of your own body. … They have this thing called ACCEL Technology. You have a machine. You fill it up with 3 quarters of the way with ice and a little bit of water. It’s a digital interface, and you dial in your program, which can be 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off, or you can just do 15 minutes at a time, whatever you might be looking to do.”

Mene & Moy Facial Lotion
“I have to tell you, this product really was a game changer for me. People started saying, “What have you done to your skin?” All I’m doing is using this vitamin C lotion that has a little bit of glycolic acid in it. My sister sent it to me. She gets it in France because it’s from a British company. She lives in France. The company’s called Mene and Moy. They’re based in Britain. When I first looked at it, it was like $200 to get it over here. … But there are now distributors in the United States and you can buy it online and get it for, I think $44 price is the going price at the moment. You put it on, you cleanse your face in the morning, you put it all over your face after you dry your skin, and it tingles a little bit. That gives you a sense that there’s something actually starting to work.”

Kenu Airframe+ ($30)
“I love this device. It is so simple … Literally every time I get in my car and put this in my little air-co vent, it just brightens my day. I have not yet upgraded to the Tesla so I don’t have a sophisticated in-car navigation system. We started buying cars that had that but then I don’t change cars as fast as the technology changes. I got my iPhone and I had a Velcro-ed thing that was working pretty well, but it just aged out. It timed out. … Then, the phones got bigger and heavier. I recently got the iPhone 6 plus and god bless Kenu, they were right there with an Airframe+ for me. … What it basically is is a bracket that you can stick into your air condition vent, that will hold your iPhone at eye level for you. You can literally just glance. You don’t have to turn your head at all. You can just glance at your navigation.”