O-Cedar Commercial Multi-Surface Push Broom

Outdoor sweeper

Blame it on a lifetime living in apartments, but somehow I’ve come this far in my life without a push broom. I have a corn broom and a dustpan and whisk broom, and for bigger stuff I’ll go to my shopvac or even my leaf blower.

But recently I wanted to sweep out my garage and realized I really didn’t have the right tool for the job.

What’s cool about this this commercial push broom from O-Cedar is that the broom head and the handle are designed in such a way that they won’t twist loose. The ridges in the socket keep the handle in place even if it’s not screwed down tight.

The bristles are synthetic made of 80% recycled material. Unlike a natural bristle brush, these won’t get moldy if they get wet. The block the bristles are in is also made of heavy duty resin plastic. It’s that solid industrial stuff that’s kinda woody feeling.

The broom head is 24 inches wide and 2.5-inches thick. The outer bristles are a little softer than the stiffer ones on the inside.

The handle is a tough but lightweight metal tube. It’s well-balanced and measures 56-inches long, or just over 4.5 feet.

It’s a great size for pushing sawdust around the garage. It’s also a great width for sidewalks and driveways. We don’t get any snow here, but a lot of reviews online mention how well they like it for brushing away snow.

-- Donald Bell 03/6/18