General Purpose Tools

Leatherman Crunch


Multitool with locking "vise-grip" style pliers

I’ve used this tool for more than 10 years. (I had to replace my lost original.)

This particular Leatherman multitool is excellent in every regard, including a knife, file, screwdriver set and, most importantly, locking “vise-grip”-style pliers. The pliers have exceptional leverage and power, and are slim, so not only does it function as a hand-held vise whenever necessary, but it enables gripping/removal of broken screws, nails, stripped nuts and bolts, etc, etc. (It’s geometry is in between a standard and a needle-nose vice grip, but better than either.) You can even grip a standard saber-saw blade with it to function as a tiny but capable saw! Of the hundreds of tools I own, this is the number one to have on any remote job, as it saves the day/job over and over!

-- Jim Buchanan 09/3/20