Wavy Edge Bread Knife


Best bread knife

I have very good knives and keep them sharp, but as for bread knives, I’ve always just used the one that came from a cheap set. Doing more baking I wanted something better. I did some research and the 10-inch Mercer bread knife got very good reviews by The American Test Kitchen and the reviews on Amazon. They explained that the depth and the spacing of the points make the difference. It makes crusty bread easy to cut, but hamburger buns are also easy to cut without squishing.

I’m surprised how thin I can slice. Sometimes I want less bread on a sandwich and this knife will let me cut the top of a bun or baguette in half. The serrated blade also is great for cutting soft food like tomatoes or foods with hard outsides but soft insides like pineapples.

-- Steve Golden 09/4/20