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Kenu Airframe Phone Mount

Portable smartphone mount

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3-Outlet AC Adapter

Triple your hotel power outlet

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Zippo Hand Warmer

Keeps fingers and toes toasty for up to 24 hours


John Edgar Park – Producer at Disney Research

John Edgar Park – Cool Tools Show #28

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ZeroWater Water Cooler Bottle & Stand

I wanted to learn to love to drink water. I had never developed a taste for plain water, favoring sugary …

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New in Ask Cool Tools

Looking for a fast digital hobby thermometer


I’m looking for a fast digital hobby thermometer

I’m always curious about the temperature of things such as; my coffee cup, the inside of my car, a slice …


What’s in my bag? – Colin Marshall

Colin Marshall hosts and produces the world-traveling, in-depth interview podcast Notebook on Cities and Culture and writes essays on cities, …


Erik Knutzen, Author and Podcaster

Erik Knutzen — Cool Tools Show #21

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Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Leakproof travel thermos mug


Cool Tools Show #17

Ryan Block, Cofounder of Engadget