Permission Slip/Magformers/Signs of healing

Recomendo - Issue #344

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Easy personal info opt-out

If you want companies to stop selling your personal information, install this app, called Permission Slip, from Consumer Reports. It automates the task of sending out email requests to companies that sell information it collects about you to data brokers. In minutes, the app sent out 18 requests on my behalf. The app’s data dashboard said it handled 54 emails and saved me 36 hours. — MF

Maker set for small kids

Construction toys – like Legos – are among the best toys because they are so open ended, infinite in form, satisfying and durable. But many construction sets need nimble fingers. Magnetized sets are better for younger kids because the magnets aid the building. The best magnetic construction toys for the youngest toddlers are Magformers, which are basically large outlines of shapes, whose holes make them super easy to grip, while the magnets ensure they will easily stick together. They are fun enough that older kids build with them too. Like Legos we keep adding to our set so that by now we have enough pieces to let several kids play at once. — KK

9 uncomfortable signs of healing

This animated psychology video outlines the process of healing — which can be very uncomfortable. Examples of healing include acknowledgement of painful emotions, expressing boundaries, and acceptance that healing is not a linear experience. Pain will continue to resurface, but eventually less often. I think it’s a lovely video and reminder that the path to growth is a balance of success and failure. — CD

Sit-up spatula

I recently purchased the Chopula spatula after reading Yitah Wu’s review about it on our website, Cool Tools. Yitah had praised its flexibility and unique shape, which makes it easier to flip and cut food in the pan. After trying it out for myself, I agree with Yitah’s assessment. The spatula’s design allows me to easily maneuver food while cooking, and I appreciate the fact that I can set it down on the counter without the business end touching the surface. It has quickly become my go-to spatula. — MF

Dream interpreter AI

I’m a big proponent of learning to interpret your own dreams (and I like to write about it), but this Dream Interpreter AI is fun to play with. I’ve been feeding my dream accounts to it and I’ve noticed that it’s pretty good at translating the emotional tone in my writing. It mirrors back my feelings using different words, and that helps to give my dreams a new perspective. — CD

Understanding lactose tolerance

My favorite food science guru, Adam Ragusea, explains what science currently knows about lactose tolerance and lactose intolerance. It’s way more complicated than it appears, but given how prevalent lactose food is, you’ll want to watch/listen to this video/podcast on “Why some people can eat dairy and others can’t.” — KK

Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson


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