Reusable gear ties

Giant twist ties

Today we’re taking a look at these reusable gear ties made by Nite Ize. These come in a bunch of different lengths and colors, but I got this pair of 18-inch ties at Amazon. If you end up wanting these same ones, the link in the description takes you right to them and helps support my videos and the Cool Tools blog.

These are essentially giant twist ties. There’s a bendable metal wire inside and the outside is made from a waterproof, UV-resistant rubber.

Just like you’ll usually see twist ties used to bundle produce or secure products in a package — these are great for wrapping things together.

They’re great for wrapping cords together.

They can be used to hold together a bedroll or a r yoga mat.

You want to secure a Go Pro to a pole? You can do that.

You want to create a makeshift mount for your phone. You can do that.

Make a stand for your flashlight? No problem.

It’s just a great, generally handy thing to have around. Great for camping or traveling. A lot of reviewers recommend them for tying things down on boats or kayaks or just generally rigging things together temporarily.

And one tip from my own experience is that you can very simply twist these together to double the length. The ribbed, gummy quality of the rubber sticks to itself pretty well.

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-- Donald Bell 03/2/22

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