Shave Well Fog Free Shaving Mirror


Low price, foolproof shower mirror is small enough to travel with

All the experts (as well as first-hand experience) will confirm that shaving in the shower results in the best shave. However, doing so isn’t necessarily convenient.

One of the obstacles is being able to see yourself. There are a lot of “shaving mirrors” on the market — I’ve tried a boatload — but none of them have worked as well as I’d like.

The Shave Well Fog Free Shaving Mirror is the best I’ve found. It’s large enough to see most (if not all) of your face at the same time, the optics are bright and distortion-free, and they truly have solved the fogging problem.

The reason a mirror fogs is simply a matter of environmental science. Those fancy mirrors that you plumb into the shower water are horrible (I’ve tried a couple of them). The Shave Well mirror solves the problem with its acrylic construction and simple design. Before you use the mirror, you simply lift it off its hook, run it under the water for a few seconds, then hang it back up. This equalizes the temperature and prevents it from fogging. If you’re taking a long time to shave (perhaps because you’re using the excellent HeadBlade on your scalp) the mirror might start to fog a little after it cools, in which case you just run it under the water again.

The mirror is light, won’t break, and is easy to travel with. (Take a suction cup hook with you.) It’s also a lot less expensive that many other mirrors that don’t work nearly as well.

-- Gordon Meyer 03/17/20

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2013 — editors)

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