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img 09/9/08

Raven Maps

Best US state wall maps

img 08/8/08

Tire Plugs

Emergency puncture fix

img 07/31/08

CliC Readers

Break-away eyewear

img 07/7/08

It’s All Too Much

How to declutter your life

img 04/8/08

Velcro One-Wrap

Heavy-duty Velcro ties

img 03/7/08

Tech Web Belt

Last Chance Heavy Duty Belt * Tech Web Belt

img 03/3/08

Aladdin Lamps

Bright, oil/kerosene-powered lighting

img 10/9/07


Cheapest hi-quality photo scans

img 08/9/07

Fiskars Post Hole Digger

Best post hole digger

img 01/10/07

Get Human

Access to human help

img 01/8/07

Engel Hot Knife

Superior textile cutter

img 12/8/06

Blurb * Lulu

Personal bookprinting

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