Tag: Editors’ Favorites

img 10/23/06

Animated Knots

Best knot teacher

img 09/13/06

Butane Burner

Compact portable hot plate

img 08/20/06

Adventure Medical Kits

Full medical station in a pouch

img 07/24/06

Silent Paint Remover

The best paint removing method

img 06/28/06

Nolo Self-help Law Books

Do-it-yourself legal aid

img 12/23/05

Secret Museum of Mankind

Catalog of ethnic diversity

img 11/25/05

The Curtis Creek Manifesto

Classic fly fishing primer

img 09/19/05

Total Immersion Swimming

How to swim like a fish

img 09/5/05

Inflatable Life Jacket

Comfortable water safety

img 09/1/05


3D Tangrams

img 08/10/05

Lil Chizler

Non-marring scraper

img 07/22/05


Superb design visualization tool

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