General Purpose Tools

Trim Puller


Removes molding without damage

I’ve had, and have used, this Zenith Industries Trim Puller ($28) for a bit over three years. Its purpose is to get behind and detach trim (molding) around windows and doors, and crown molding, without damaging surrounding drywall or finished surfaces. It seems big and clunky, and looks like it would easily split millwork molding, but it’s never happened.

Its wedge edge isn’t super sharp, but cuts through paint without flaking. Just drive it in with a hammer, and the device will push the trim away from the wall. If the nails are long, you can use the tool to pry. If it gets stuck, you can just tap it back out with the hammer and move it to another location. Saving just a few pieces of molding will pay for this tool.

-- Ed Delaney 01/16/20