Vegalene Food Release Spray


Allows foods to release easily from utensils and cooking surfaces

How many times have you lovingly prepared some delicate edible, only to have whopping great chunks of it stick to the pan? Ever wonder how restaurants and bakeries avoid that? The answer: Vegalene Spray.

Yes, we’ve all used PAM…but PAM and its ilk are merely pallid imitations of Vegalene. Using a combination of 3 vegetable oils (canola, soybean, and sunflower), Vegalene has far superior release ability and doesn’t leave as much gummy build-up as other sprays, so food slides out, clean up is easier, and pans last longer. No trans fat, Kosher and Pareve, and a full second of spray equals only 1 gram of fat—but you probably won’t need that much. Vegalene has been the restaurant standard for over 50 years.

Since I’ve been using Vegalene, delicate fish fillets keep their prettily browned crusts intact, cake layers stay perfectly whole, and eggs-over-easy slide demurely out of the pan. I’d all but given up making my own waffles, but when I use Vegalene the crispy little beauties practically fall off the grid. O Joy!

For those averse to aerosols, refillable pump-spray versions are available, as well as flavored ones (garlic, smoky western, olive oil, etc.), one specifically designed for waffle irons (Grid Iron) and another for baked goods (Bak-Kleen). They even have hypoallergenic, coconut oil, gluten-free, and non-GMO versions. Other brands do not work as well as brand-name Vegalene, in my experience; besides, Vegalene is usually cheaper than PAM and one can lasts a very long time.

If your grocer doesn’t carry it, you can find it at restaurant supply stores (like Smart & Final, or Cash & Carry), warehouse stores, or online.

-- Barbara Dace 01/5/16

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