General Purpose Tools

Victorinox Swiss Army Recruit Knife


Medium Pocket Knife with 10 Functions

The Victorinox Recruit has been my daily carry for several years now, and as any career of a multi-tool will tell you, there are several times a day to utilize these tools. What, I feel, separates the Recruit out from other multi-tools is its size. My jobs don’t give me the opportunity to carry a full-size multi-tool outside my pants on my belt. In a business casual workplace, jeans are not the norm. The Recruit can fit easily in the pocket of a pair of chinos, better yet by a pair with the fifth “coin” pocket. While it may lack the number of tools of a more traditional multi-tool, I find it has the essentials I need to get through my day. With a bottle opener, can opener, box opener, two size screwdrivers, toothpick (which I use several times a day), tweezers, and a large and small blade, there are very few daily tasks that can’t be tackled with the Recruit.

-- Paul 01/7/21