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What’s in my bag? — Jeff Heinen


What's in my bag? issue #83

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Jeff Heinen is a consultant and agile coach who focuses on helping companies improve their ability to deliver value as effectively as possible by creating a more humane workplace. You can find Jeff on Twitter @geekxx.


About the bag

Pre-COVID I was on the road almost constantly and have tried to minimize the amount of stuff I carry at every turn. The NutSac Satchel 11 ($139) is small but perfectly sized to carry my iPad and all of my essentials.

What’s inside the bag

I’ve mostly abandoned my laptop and use an iPad ($799) almost exclusively for my day-to-day work. With the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil it is a laptop, tablet, and notebook all in one. Shortcuts enable me to automate many routine activities and streamline my workflow.

When not near an outlet and running low on juice, the Anker USB C 20,000 mAh power bank ($50) keeps me going all day and then some. It will charge my iPhone five times, or my iPad twice. It’s exceptionally fast and can get my phone to 50% in just a few minutes.

As an agile coach I am constantly using Post-It notes to make notes, teach classes, conduct retrospectives, and give impromptu presentations. Slicky Notes ($16, 6pk) are an amazing alternative that use static electricity to stick to nearly anything, even hotel conference room walls which seem scientifically engineered to repel any adhesive. They are double-sided, erasable, and waterproof, with no bleed-through. They are also easy to re-arrange and they never lose their stickiness.

My Slicky Notes would be useless without my trustySharpie ($15, 12ct). I use the retractable kind so I never have to worry about losing the cap. The make a nice bold, visible mark on the Slicky Notes.

-- Jeff Heinen 01/6/21

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