img 01/26/04

Mind Over Back Pain

Unorthodox back pain philosophy

img 01/23/04

Tube Gauze

Handy finger bandages

img 12/16/03

Chinook Medical Gear

Professional emergency gear

img 12/9/03

Automated External Defibrillator

Life-saving community tool

img 12/9/03

Civil Defense Geiger Counter

Cheap, surplus radiation monitor

img 10/21/03

Non-mercury Thermometer

Safe and more accurate

img 10/6/03

Box Wine

Unoxidated wine as medicine

img 09/17/03

Revolution in Cannabis

State of the art in pot usage

img 09/4/03

SAM Splint

Featherweight emergency splint

img 06/30/03

Superglue Stitches

Handy home and emergency alternative to sutures

img 06/26/03

Thera Cane


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